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willys mb

The Mighty Austin Champ

'Ooer glamour or wot !! Click on the pic for a bigger version where available...'

sexy austin champ

The Austin Champ.

I don't think anyone's ever neutral about the Champ - You either love 'em or you hate 'em. I've mellowed over the years and I think they're quite dinky in the era of Hummers and SUV's. They certainly have a character which is lacking in the landrovers which hastened their demise.

They're of their time - National Service, Blanco, H bombs, Vulcans, Victors and Valiants.


austin champ FV 1801

Left is a standard model FV 1801 Austin Champ while below can be seen the even better looking champ FV 1802.




It has doors, a tailgate and a useful 10cwt cargo capacity.

austin champ FV 1802

champ in desert markings

Desert finish Champ

The Green Goddess - Not only a diet expert in a shiny leotard but one of the icons of the cold war.

The legendary Bedford 4x4 auxilliary fire engine was a mainstay of the UK's civil defence program throughout the 50's and 60's. Although unsophisticated compared to modern appliances, they were simple to maintain, did a reasonable job of carrying around ladders and axes pumping water where it was needed and like the strategic steam reserve provided a useful asset for use in a national emergency. They were regularly wheeled out during the seventies when local government employees took strike action and the firemen were replaced by squaddies.

Green Goddess Fire Engine

Green Goddess Fire Engine

The awesome Green Godess - yours for two grand with a mere 800 miles on the clock. Not as sexy looking as the jeep but they did the job.

"Now chaps - there's been a 10 Megaton airburst over the town centre and the regional controller is requesting 'pumps 80' so we'd better get cracking..."

But after a long and (thankfully uneventfull) the Godess has finally found a useful retirement putting out fires in Africa. Sadly, it's not hard to work out why one of the richest countries in Africa has to purchase 60 year old second hand fire pumps...

See the Green Goddess still working.

austin champ

Champ FV1801...

Here's the Austin Champ FV1801 - this time in FFR (Fitted for Radio) guise.

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The Russians - Don't forget the Russians...
gaz jeep

Back a few years to when the russkies were on our side and the international conspiracy to pollute our precious bodily fluids was just a paranoid delusion..

Ivan here is having a fun time reliving the great patriotic war. Urrah Stalino!! - long live the glorious communist party of the USSR.

And let's hear it for the comrades of GAZ production unit 43 at Omsk who have selflessly slept at their machines enabling exceeded production targets for 28 consecutive weeks.


russian amphibian

No problem crossing the Volga in this little beauty. Based on the amphibious version of the willys jeep, the russian remake was well suited to the broad and shallow-banked rivers of the steppes.

As with the TU4, the russki version of the B29, imitation is the sincerest form of flattery.