Macarthur and LMS Jubilee

Class 37 - The BIG picture


37403 "Isle of Mull" and 37716 both look in pristine condition as they make a smoky departure for Crewe from the parcels platform at Chester on a warm day in July 2016.
Note the surviving old style lighting on this platform with the station name incorporated.

37421 and its measurement train awaits departure from platform 2 at Cardiff Central on a wet June day in 2016

Four years later, still raining, and it's 37421 again. Arriving from Rhymney in passenger service on a damp morning in February.

37407 and snow ploughs

Ready for a blizzard at Norwich, 37407 'Blackpool Tower' and snow ploughs.


But the sun's come out instead, 37407 'Blackpool Tower' with MKII coach at Norwich.

The Strategic Steam Reserve - Myth or Reality?

Lines of dusty steam engines stored and ready for use after the apocalypseFind out about the hundreds of UK steam locomotives kept in storage since the sixties in case the Nuclear balloon went up.
After the Soviet ICBM's had finished dropping their estimated total of 2000 Megatons TNT equivalent, a battered but uncowed Britain could emerge victorious from the fallout in the shape of Thomas the tank engine pulling a trainload of ministry of supply corned beef...

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