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'He'd come in every Saturday, rain or shine with only a small escort of liebestandarte and ask for a trim and singeing - very nice man 'e was, always time for a chat and a lark but 'e wouldn't have any changes to 'is style. Oh no, 'e always 'ad to 'ave the same cut - a trim, polish and forelock brushed over the left eye.'

'Course 'e was camp but we 'ad to keep that very QT naturally - wot with 'im being head of the nazi party an all but 'e always felt 'e could relax in the shop. He used to troll in bold as brass 'Ello dear' 'ee'd say. 'Nice to vada you again!' and mince about bold as you like trying on me aprons and acting the cod riah shusher. 'Ello Mavis' I'd say ' I see the trade's in again - been thrown out your cottage? Well 'ee'd laugh - 'ee 'ad all the polari, y'see 'e really did and used to keep us in stitches with his impressions of all the old queens 'e'd met...Chamberlain, name it..'eed 'ad it!!..We was all shocked when he married that Eva..You could have knocked me down with a feather..Really!
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The 'Eagles Nest' was Hitlers mountain top retreat and Julian was always there to attend to any tonsorial needs when the fuhrer was in residence. Here Hitler enjoys a shampoo and set in his private hair salon before embarking on a visit to the russian front in early 1944. The fuhrer insisted that a fully equipped hair salon was available at all of his forward headquarters and extended the 'Wolfs Lair' bunker in East Prussia several times to accomodate extra blow dyers and a steam steriliser.