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India Trains

Bristol Channel Islands - Steep Holm

Bristol Channel Islands - Flat Holm

Bristol Channel Islands - Lundy Island

Victorian and WW2 Forts

Class 37's in South Wales



Pictures of the famous world war 2 jeep taken at military events around the UK.

If you've never been to one of these shows, it's the place to go to find all kinds of quite interesting people. Anoraks on everyone, let's have a wander...If you want to see what an accounts clerk from Eastbourne looks like when he's dressed as a Feldwebel, now's your chance - 'appel' upstairs in the Red Lion every third thursday of the month and 'kriegspiel' on weekends weather permitting...

don't scratch that canvas
Cat refuses to leave vehicle

Number plate's in the post officer
Real bullet holes?

"You realise that's the wrong colour green"
You realise that's the wrong colour green
Watch that Sheepskin Biggles
Watch that Sheepskin Biggles
jeeps and Trucks
jeeps and Trucks

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jeeps on Parades


Exhibiting a Military Vehicle? - watch out for......Fat Bloke

Fat Bloke generally wanders over with a westler's burger and chips and proceeds to peer in to your pride and joy while dripping a steady rain of dandruff, fried onions and ketchup on your upholstery or bodywork.

Unless challenged, he may well decide to sit in your vehicle while he finishes lunch as he's been on his feet all morning and the strain of walking more than his usual 50 steps a day is beginning to tell. Fat bloke is often accompanied by snotty kid, who unless warned off , may leave bogeys and spill diet coke on your pristine new canvas windscreen cover....


jeep with .50 Cal
jeep with .50 Cal and land army girl

RAF jeep
RAF jeep


GPA jeeps

GPA Amphibious jeeps - Lined up for shipping in 1944.
Unlike its dry stablemate, the GPA was not a great success.

The rivers of western Europe proved too steeply banked and fast flowing for the 'seep' and many were passed on to the Red Army where they fared better. Post-war the amphibious jeep had very limited use outside the fire and rescue services and consequently many were scrapped.

Today the GPA is a very rare collectors item and the few left hardly ever get their feet wet!


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