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Class 37's in South Wales


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Pictures of the famous world war II military vehicles taken at events around the UK.

Well, not all world war 2 - Visitors with national service may recognise a couple of the Brit exhibits. Sit in an Austin, Morris, Bedford or Humber and we could be in Aden on the murder mile, piling into Crater with Mad Mitch, keeping cool in Hongers or Singers, trying to keep warm in Sennelager.

We could be drinking Tennents at Christmas Island, Tiger on Gan or VB at Maralinga or Woomera. We could be anywhere in BFPO getting some service in, getting our knees brown and listening to Muriel on the world service.

The sheer volume of American military vehicles produced can skew the picture at shows but the Brits turned out some pretty good motors both during and after the war. Maybe they lacked the glamour of their counterparts from over the pond but they did the job and they had the steering on the right side!

The British are coming
Austin wireless truck
Get some in...
Humber 20 cwt
National Service Line up
Bedford Lorry
Your feet won't touch
Harley WLA and Triumph

overpaid, oversexed and...
Dodge WC52

over here
Bedford Lorry
You can't park 'ere even if you are bloody Gracie Fields
Gracie Fields
Hoarding is an offence
Dodge WC52
Revive a 45
Harley 45
GOOD MORNING VIETNAM .....Sorry Lydney....
M 151
Mine's the right colour green
Mine's the right colour green
No..mine is!
No - Mine's the right colour
Does my Bum look big in this?
Line up of trucks

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