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Here are some great sites you might like to try:

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Military Vehicle interest

G503 Willys/Ford/CJ Some real down home jeep wisdom. If it's jeep it's here!

Hotchkiss/Willys Loads of useful info on the M201 - the French version of the ww2 Jeep

Military Vehicles

Milweb - military vehicles, surplus, Jeeps, Tanks, ww2 Everything Military in the UK

The CJ3B Page

The Military Vehicle Trust UK military vehicle club - a branch near you!

Willys restoration, Civilian and military jeep's restoration. Bogota - Colombia

Two thirds scale jeep replica for the kids

Olive-drab.com About Military Jeeps


Weird Stuff

Nuclear Ghost Town Careful or Chernobyl fall out - Atmospheric look at the USSR's biggest atom cock up.

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