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Classic Car pics

Enough with the military vehicles - let's escape through the barrack gates and see what's driving up civvy street.

The motor car was getting more and more affordable, mass production had kicked in and wages had gone up. At the start of the sixties, the factory car park only contained the MD's Daimler, Jag or Rover, the works managers Austin or Ford, the foreman's motorcycle and a lot of pushbikes - we made tons of manufactured stuff but it was either 'export only' or you just couldn't afford it!

By the start of the seventies car ownership was becoming accessible to everyone. The roads were still fairly empty, there were no speed cameras and one country pub was as good as another. It took a while for the roads to catch up with the growth in trafiic though - although, come to that, they never have...



Car pics

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India Trains

Bristol Channel Islands - Steep Holm

Bristol Channel Islands - Flat Holm

Bristol Channel Islands - Lundy Island

Victorian and WW2 Forts

Class 37's in South Wales


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Austin Princess
Austin Princess Vanden Plas
Morris Oxford 1964
Morris Oxford 1964

Rover 110
Hillman Super Minx
Hillman Super Minx

The Golden Age of Motoring?

As we contemplate road pricing in the near future maybe the sixties, seventies and eighties will be seen as the real golden age of motoring. Anyone who wanted one could afford a car and the petrol to go where they liked. Global warming? - we were more worried about a nuclear winter.

There was a downside though, with a few notable exceptions British cars were not exactly the bee's knee's when it came to quality and reliability.

A lack of investment over the years saw the UK motor industry reach its nadir in the seventies with the Austin Allegro - possibly the worst car ever made. (Overseas visitors may wonder about the Allegro - It had a square steering vehicle, a build quality that made a Trabant seem like a Maybach and it rusted in the showroom...)

Strangely enough, the Allegro has because of it's sheer awfulness become something of a collectors car. They were so universally despised and kicked to the scrapyard at the first opportunity that there are now only a couple of hundred still in existence. The vintage car of tomorrow? The veteran car of the 2080's - only time will tell.

Vintage Cars


Buick Electra

Buick Electra

Classic Motorbikes

The Triumph Trident and its stablemate the BSA Rocket Three were real head turners when they first appeared in 1968.

The extra cylinder certainly made hitting the magic Ton a lot easier and if you planned far enough ahead, you could generally manage to stop reasonably well thanks to the front disk brake...luvverly!

Triumph Trident<

Triumph Trident