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War and Peace show pics

Pictures of famous world war II military vehicles taken at Beltring. The world's largest MV show. Military vehicle buffs and re-enactors come from all over the world to the Hop farm in Kent, UK for a week of mobile and static displays of everything from folding bicycles to tanks.

MV pictures

Pictures of the War and peace Show at Beltring...

Two Airborne types enjoy a coffee and a chat in the sunshine.

Big Boy's toys. You need deep pockets to run one of these.


Dodge Command Car seeks loving owner with plenty of spare time and cash!

SAS Jeep

SAS Jeep - Three Vickers K's and a .50 Calibre Browning gives the Jeep some serious firepower. Extra Jerricans mean it has the range to go far behind enemy lines.
numba one GI
Could almost be back in the 'nam - don't know about the palm tree but the rest looks real enough...numba one truck G.I.

World War 2 Colour Pictures



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A Welsh VC

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