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Jeeps in Ibiza


On summer holiday, I spotted this clean looking CJ parked in Dalt Villa, the old walled town of Eivissa, Ibiza, Spain. The hot, dry climate keeps the rust off but finding a vehicle on the island without a dent in it is problematic (unless you are in a dealer showroom!)

CJ 2A inside view

The jeep is showing a bit of wear and tear but is still pretty much all in one piece. It's the ideal runaround in the mediterranean sun as long as you don't have to stay stopped in the sun for too long!

enfield indian

As Ibiza is one of the places old hippies go to sit out their declining years, it's also possible to run across other interesting bits and pieces. This venerable Royal Enfield Indian has no doubt found it's way here from Goa which is another hippy heaven.

Like Ibiza, Goa was popularised in the 1960's by hippies who found its tolerant attitude and cheap cost of living a big plus. The Balearic Islands were far enough off the beaten track in the sixties to have a much more laid back ambience than the rest of Spain which at the time was still run by the ultra right wing General Franco.

And as this is Ibiza...what better way to finish than with an entirely gratuitous pic of some scantily clad club promo girls outside Cafe del Mar...anyone for Pacha?

Ibiza Promo Girls