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Military vehicle spotting in Iceland






WW2 Jeeps in Iceland

Jeep with fuel bowser

On this years summer holiday, Iceland was the destination as a change from all that beach stuff in Ibiza. At the airport in Reykjavik we spotted a nice pink jeep in the colours of the local fuel supplier Orkan. I don't think the resident cat liked us photographing it though.

interior view of jeep

I'm not sure about the pink but the inside was in fairly good nick and at least the hard top keeps all that Icelandic rain out.

ww2 truck

Down on the south coast of Iceland at Vik this WW2 truck graces another of the Orkan petrol stations.

deuce and a half

And retired from its job of carrying visitors around Icelands dirt tracks, this converted Dodge weapons carrier also sits by the roadside.

dodge weapons carrier

The beach at Vik is the same type of black sand as Iwo Jima and the film 'Flags of our Fathers' was party filmed in Iceland for this reason. Although the actual shooting took place at Sandvik which is closer to the NATO base at Keflavik nearer Reykjavik.

black sand beach

And the US Marines were really there in the war - Some long forgotten Marine wrote this in the wet concrete of a gun emplacement in 1943.

us marines 1943